“How often in life do you get to say “this is the best day ever”? With my relatives from North Carolina or five friends in the Joe Cronin Fishing Tournament when you are on the Emma Jack with Captain Mike, you will hear that a lot, and “what are we going to do with all these fish”? “
– Keith Presswood

We had an awesome time fishing with you, we have only great things to say about you and the fishing trip!!!! Thank you so much… oh we tried recipe #3 the very night we got back from the trip. Pos-a-lutely delicious!!!
– The Hill Family, Amanda, Ohio

Capt. Mike: Thanks for a great charter last Friday, August 17th. I can appreciate why John Cole in his book Striper refers to them as “muscular shafts of light”. Seeing them chase baits in the breaking waves of the shoals has formed unforgettable images in my mind. Maybe we can get you to take us once more in the Fall.
– David Quaglieri

Last July, our family spent the day with Capt. Mike on the Emma Jack…it turned out to be one of the best family days we’ve spent together… We started out for…as the story goes …. a 3 hour tour…actually 4…but who’s telling this story….It was a gorgeous day on Cape Cod (my favorite place on earth) with kids in tow we headed to the Bass River to spend a day fishing with Capt. Mike…This was the first time we had taken the kids with us for this type of fishing trip (we were salty experts…this being our 3rd time)…my son 14, of course knew everything, my daughter 13, like “totally” bored, me and the old man just as happy as clams…We had been fishing off the bridge a day or so before and noticed the Emma Jack…jotted down the number and set the date…Capt. Mike set the time and we were there anxious and excited (but trying to look totally cool so as not embarrass the kids)…We set out with Capt. Mike at the helm and the kids looking for snacks already…It was great fun for me as I hadn’t been in the “neighborhood” since I was a kid (a little longer ago than I’d like to admit) and there were still many things very familiar and my kids about died when I started “tellin’ stories”…thank goodness Capt. Mike saved them with his own stories….

Soon…we were out on the open water, Capt. Mike had us set up with rods and rigs and quick schooling on how to catch the “big one” Capt. Mike kept moving us from one spot to another…and low and behold…FISH…FISH…AND more FISH…we started catching Blues and we couldn’t have been more excited…(felt a little foolish when I realized that school girl squeal came from ME!)…then the stripers were biting…MAN, IT WAS SO EXCITING…Capt. Mike was running around giving us new bait, switching rods, and filling that cooler with FISH…Finally, and sadly it was time to return … we did so with a big ole cooler full of fish and some great stories to boot .back at the dock, Capt. Mike filleted the fish and bagged them up…he even had recipes for us….did we eat like kings and queens…not just that night, but for the next few months when we’d cook some up, we got to reminisce of a wonder family day….Now…the biggest deal of all…We had signed up for a half day…but Capt. Mike didn’t want us to go home empty handed…he went above and beyond the call by not heading back till we had experienced the thrill of fishing off the shores of Cape Cod…Capt. Mike will be our choice every year…He and the Emma Jack are the stuff memories are made of….THANKS CAPT. MIKE…by the way, the week of 7/21…save a day for us!!!…
– Birchel, Lisa, Joe and Jess